Many of my friends and relatives reside both in the US and England and are often asking me what do you do when your are in England or what do you do when you are in the States.  I am also frequently asked about what it is like where I live in England and in the States.  For this reason I decided to create this website so that friends on both sides of the Atlantic could find out more about this.

I have a blog that I update with information pertaining to current activities that are going on in our lives at the moment. There is a Tab above that links to my blog so if you want to find out more about what things are happening that is where you will find the information.

Those who know me are aware that one of my many interests involves photography and therefore have included some of my photographs and videos that I thought might be of interest. This is a work in progress as I am constantly adding and removing images.

pHrank Perra

email: frank.perra@comcast.net

Liverpool, England

Liverpool England

Groveland, Ma

Groveland, Massachusetts